Who We Are

Web 247 Solutions was founded on the Principles of Providing Long-Term Perpetual Value in the Areas of Digital Marketing and Branding to Businesses of All Shapes and Sizes.

The need for a superior form of Online Business Solutions is no longer an option, it is a Need in today’s standards. Web 247 is here to offer just that. When it comes to your Brand and Business online - we are the go to experts based on a series of principles.

Web 247 offers solutions from a wide array of products and services. Our objective is to create a platform where businesses and entrepreneurs may come and educate themselves on the current standards of Digital Strategy. Beyond that, we aim to provide Enterprise Level Solutions that is custom tailored to our individual client’s needs.

Neha Patel


Meet Our Founder

Neha always had interest in building creative and artistic skills since childhood. Every summer vacation in high school she spent time learning a skill that would enhance her creativity. Such crafts included Henna, Ceramic Painting, Fabric Painting and other artistic interests.

She pursued a Bachelor’s in Computer Science in 2010 and in order to develop her career she immigrated to Canada for a postgraduate degree in Interactive Multimedia in 2011.

It is in Canada that she saw value in the power of Digital Marketing. She has worked as a Graphic Designer, Front end developer and Digital project specialist since then. Having worked in the industry with small and big Marketing teams, Neha gained substantial knowledge of the Digital Marketing world.

Neha is also actively involved in Non Profit Organizations such as Ladies learning code and Kids learning code. The main motive of this organization is to teach technical skills to Adult women, teens and kids, in order to excel in whatever career they choose.

Web247 is based on the same principals in such that it is important for everyone to understand the basics of online marketing and coding skills. No matter what field you are in, it can tremendously help you in your career.

We don’t want our clients to spend money on Online Marketing without understanding the basics of how the digital world can come together to provide a positive solution. Additionally, we also want our clients to understand how each component works when it comes to Digital Marketing and Online Media.

Our goal is to create a platform where Business owners can grasp genuine value while benefiting from the knowledge of what these platforms can share. Together, we believe we can make a positive change in the world. We believe the Digital World can offer many great possibilities for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners who take their time to be well informed while creating value for their Customers.

To Contact Neha - Please write to [email protected]