Brand Identity development

What is a brand?

The first definition of  a brand is a name given to a product/service/place etc.

The second definition of a brand is the identity that you create for a product/service/place and it can be done in different ways.

Visually, a brand should include the same elements across all channels, such as logo, color, fonts, etc. But design consistency is just the first step.

How to create a memorable brand?

Though building a strong and memorable brand is not an easy process, if you use some basic principals and understand from other people's mistakes you will save your self some time and resources. Constantly remind yourself that a brand can not be completely dependent on what you want it to be and what you like, but it has to be carved upon the feedback and engagement of the audience. After all the product and the services you offer has to be appealing and useful to your audience.

The minions is a brand and they are my favorite as well.

What should brand consistency include?

Here are some of the basic elements that should remain the same for all your client’s online content, whether it’s their website, their blog, e-mail, social media, or some other platform, so that their audience can have the same experience no matter where they go.

Tone, Voice, Fonts

What does your brand sound like? Silly ? Professional ? Conservative ? Serious ? Energetic ? This may actually fluctuate somewhat between channels. But there has to be something common throughout all the channels.


Colors speak for you and depending on the message you want to convey your visitors, you can use a set of colours or multicolor depending on what tone you are using.

Design Elements

Design elements are very important and they have to build keeping in mind all of the above. Design elements can consist of your website, your banners, logo, pictures or types of illustrations you use across your site, the type of shapes and a lot of other things.

Website Design, Content Creation, Social media different ways to communicate your brand to a client on top of your offering and products.


In this cluttered web space, your messaging has to be clear and precise. If it takes an extra effort for people to understand your brand statement people jump onto the next person in the industry, as there is an abundance of competitors out there we can help your get your voice clear in the crowd.

We can help you create an organized process to achieve the brand identity you want for your brand.

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