Website and Social Media Done, Is That Enough To Build a Successful business?

Hey Joe, I've built this AWESOME Website, but I am not getting any customers

Can You Help Me?

Business owners have a tendency of thinking of a certain way when it comes to building an online presence. That is, build a website and have a few social media accounts up.

Yet, even though you may have build a nice visually appealing website and a few social media pages for your brand, is it enough to build a proven system that constantly brings in quality customers to your door step?

I want you to think for a second on the aspect of knowing how to measure the effectiveness of your brand online, particularly for your website and the social media accounts that you may have.

Here's the thing...

Do you have a way in which you can calculate how effective they are? What tools or resources do you use for that? How effective are these tools?

Think about that for a second:

It’s obvious that just having a website and social media accounts aren’t enough, especially nowadays where your competitor is out there doing all sorts of fancy tricks grabbing a hold of every angle in which they can take your business potential.

The question is, are you prepared to step into the arena and do what it takes in order to start gaining more exposure for your brand?

Here's something to think about...

In 2016, we’ve noticed a lot of trends that were happening on the online world. Mobile, for instance, became an increasingly popular platform that most Google searches are happening on. Here’s an example:

A client is searching the phrase “restaurants near me.”

When a customer inputs that phrase on Google, the mobile device automatically categorizes the listings based on the user’s current location and based on the mobile optimized websites of those restaurants. Is yours part of it?

I sure hope so!

The frequency of mobile users have increased over the past 5 years. It’s important that businesses take these statistics seriously.


In essence, if a website is not mobile compatible and does not offer responsive features to adapt to the screen layout of your customers, it is highly probable that they will leave your website. This in turn, will increase your ‘bounce rate’ which can be looked upon as a negative thing by major search engines, especially Google.

Another noticeable trend that has been going on is the aspect of businesses having Social Engagement factors on their websites.

For example, say you’re a restaurant owner and you have shared a nice recipe that your customers can use for the upcoming Christmas holidays. In order to increase the awareness of that recipe and to make it trend, you decide to increase a few elements in your website that allows users and readers to share, post or even tweet it to their friends and families.

Are You Part Of This Trend?

By allowing your customers to engage socially with your website (by way of having features that allow them to distribute the valuable content that you’ve created on their independent social media accounts), you’re creating trust amongst your audience.

As the old saying goes, ‘word of mouth’ is the most effective form of advertising out there. Hence, the reason why Social Media exists today.

But There's More...

Speaking of Social Interactions, do you know that 98% of the users who come to your website for either information or to look over a product/service aren’t yet ready to buy? These are astonishing figures if you think about it.

You can’t treat Social Media like a sales outlet, it simply isn’t one! Unlike a storefront, where your customers can walk in, choose a product and buy it, Social Media requires a higher level of engagement, relationship building and constant nurturing.

Building Strong Relationships Takes Time and Trust...

It isn’t easy representing your brand on the internet, especially if you’re so accustomed to running your business a certain way. That is the exact reason why you should take the time and learn about it. Being proactive will greatly benefit your overall brand experience with your potential customers.


Don’t forget, your customers are bombarded with ads every day that is similar to your brand. In fact, most of your competitors are probably out there RIGHT NOW feeding messages and adverts to your customers. Don’t worry, it’s not too late nor is it too early. It’s actually the perfect time to start.

Before you begin putting together a strategy, it’s important you come to realize a few things that you’ll need. Below are some helpful tips for you to keep in mind:

When it comes to Social Media, it’s not about advertising. Focus more on engagement, conversations and brand identity.
Do you have control over how your brand is represented on different Social Media Channels or are you letting customers take over?

Take Control!

Have you researched about your competitors on Social Media? If so, have you reviewed the strategies that they’re implementing to see what works and what doesn’t? This could be really helpful.

Building trust is a must in order to gain your audience’s appreciation and business.

In Conclusion

Social Media is a part of your customer's everyday life. You as a Business Owner need to adapt and appreciate the Social Platforms that provide endless opportunities for you to be able to Market Yourself Uniquely.

Before You Go:

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