Better Off Page SEO Guide for beginners

Off-Page SEO for your website

Before digging deep into building a strong SEO for you website, it is important that you have a good On-page SEO, after all SEO is like your house or an office space, if it looks good and welcoming from the outside but lacks proper discipline and cleanliness on the inside, people wouldn’t stay longer and abandon you. Off-Page SEO involves all the efforts of promoting your content in an ethical way, to get more visitors to your site.

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Factors that affect your Off page SEO are as follows,


Domain Authority


Domain authority is a score on 100 point scale that determines how well your domain will rank on google.

Where can I find the domain authority?

You can measure your domain authority at’s SEO toolbar.

Page Authority

Page authority is how strong the content of your page is to be ranked on google.

Check your website authority here.


Bounce Rate

What does bounce rate mean and how does it affect your SEO tremendously?

Bounce rate means how a use lands on your page and moves away from your site without even visiting any other page.

Use Google’s Free tools with massive power

These are all just the essential things you need to do to cover the basics of on-page SEO for your website. By implementing the recommended steps in this article the right way, you’ll have established a prominent user friendly website that not only helps your users navigate through it easily, but you also let the search engines know about all the information and data that is accessible through your website.

Keep in mind that this is not it to optimize your site for best search results but this could be a very good start.

importance of Off-Page SEO

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