Speaking Engagements and other activities

Upcoming Events

Panelist at Entrepreneurship 101 - Ritz Carlton, Montreal, March 21, 2019

by John Molson Women in Leadership

This event is intended to showcase how women have been burgeoning as entrepreneurs in recent years. However, women still face many challenges including securing venture capital funding. We will address these obstacles in our panel discussion as well as in our workshop.

Past Events

Webmaking with HTML & CSS (For Ages 9-12 year olds + Parent/Guardian) - Montreal, Feb 16, 2019

Instructing at HTML and CSS workshop for kids for Canada Learning code. More information about the event can be found at this link.

Canada Learning code first Montreal Meet up, November 22, 2018

The theme for this first meetup was “Getting into Tech”, and where four local bootcamps gave quick introductions to their programs and helped people understand what type of programs they can take in order to get in to tech.

Attendees come from tech and non-tech background attended the event.

My job as a woman in tech, amongst other speakers and attendees was helping others learn about different ways they can make their present job much more efficient by getting involved in tech, or changing career path from non-tech to tech jobs easier and just share my experience with them.

WordCamp Rochester, October 13, Rochester, New York

I will be discussing "Protecting yourself as a Freelancer"

Are you being underpaid for a project? How are you protecting yourself from being taken advantage of? What expectations are being set from the get-go between you and the client? Everyone’s dream is to be independent and own their own business. However, as a freelancer or a service-based startup, you may come across several roadblocks and challenges, but there are ways to overcome them with a proper system.

In this talk, I will provide the most common issues and challenges that you may face as a freelancer and provide you with strategies on how you can get paid what you’re worth while building a great brand for yourself.

Move The Dial Stories, October 15, Montreal, Canada

Move the dial is an initiative to increase the participation and leadership of all women in tech. On 15th of October in Montreal, I will be sharing my story about my journey in tech and what I learned. To empower other women like me to achieve their goals and never give up. To learn more about the event and register click on this link.

The ACM Canadian Celebration of Women in Computing, November 2 and 3, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Side hustle before anything, You before everything.

Why I say side hustle is important and how it can change your life for better.

What does it mean when people talk about side hustling, passive income and freelancing?

Often we focus so much on a 9-5 Job that we forget to live or build something for ourselves and what actually makes us happy. And sometimes even though we put a lot of hard work and effort into one place, we are left with nothing.

Side hustle is a very loosely used term these days and it has also been misrepresented in a wrong way many times. Learn how your side hustle can be a source of most valuable form of education, how it can drive you to get up and keep moving in any situation.

A side hustle not only gives you security for the future but it is also a source of motivation and self-confidence. Let's discuss more about it, some misconceptions, some key tips and learn easy ways to start your own side hustle.

WordPress Workshop for Adults, Montreal, Canada

WordPress workshop for beginners at Ladies Learning code.

WordCamp Montreal 2018, Montreal, Canada

Rich snippets what they are and how to add them to your website.

If you’re in a competitive niche or industry and are looking to rank well in the search engines, rich snippets are crucial to how your results are displayed to your target market.

In this talk, we’ll go over what rich snippets are, how they can be implemented on your website, and how to make the most out of them so that you can take advantage of your ongoing SEO efforts without getting overwhelmed.

Follow the link to get tickets and to learn about WordCamp Montreal 2018.

You can find the slides for this talk here. The video will be available soon on WordPress.tv.

Montreal All-Girl Hack night, Montreal, Canada

GDPR: Demystifying the European law everyone's talking about.

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is an EU law that went into effect on May 25, 2018. Many companies are still not ready for this change, and plenty of people who run small businesses or even blogs are confused about whether they need to make any changes to their privacy policy or other aspects of their site. In this talk we’ll look at how the GDPR can help you and your business enhance the protection of EU Citizens’ personal data, work with more transparency, and give your customers greater flexibility on how their information is shared. We’ll also dig into what concrete GDPR-related changes you can make to your website.

Note: I am not offering any legal advice

Slides to this presentation can be found here.

WordCamp Ottawa 2017, Ottawa, Canada

I gave a lightning talk about how 404 pages can be optimized and analyzed in order to get more engagement with your audience. The feedback from the audience was received after the event and it was great. Here is the link to the details of the topic and the slides.

WordCamp Montreal 2017, Montreal, Canada

Gave a 45 minute session about How to determine the effectiveness of a theme before using. This is very specifically a WordPress related topic but most certainly some technical aspects can be applied to other content management platforms as well. I discussed various technical issues related to the theme that most people seem to miss out, followed by a live QA session regarding the issue.

WordCamp Toronto 2017, Toronto, Canada

At this event not one but two of my topics were chosen. One of the topics was 9 step SEO health check guide and an execution plan and another one was 404 Error pages are inevitable and how to optimize it.
Check out the video here.

WordCamp Orlando 2017, Orlando, Florida

Topic discussed 404 Error pages are inevitable so make the most out of them.

Mentoring and Teaching

Lead a workshop for Ladies Learning code and I mentor regularly for most of the LLC workshops.

I also work with Forusgirl.org, another non profit organization working with the UN, who helps girls in so many areas of life and teaching code is one of the areas where I am involved in. I designed a 4 month syllabus to teach coding to young girls and going to lead the class.